Our company is called Cromie srl and for years we have been working in the tattoo world to provide tattoo artists with all the most technological means to carry out their art.

We have created Kreative Cartridge, an innovative product in the world of tattooing. These cartridges are at the top of the market while being contained in the price. They present an innovative technology: inside they mount a cross-guide system that allows the needle not to flex and be very precise. All our Kreative Cartridges are sterilized and sold in single-blister packs.

In a short time we managed to expand the brand exponentially. We have extended the list of our dealers all over the world and many world famous artists have joined our team using our cartridges daily.

Our goal is to expand our brand to all tattoo artists, because we believe in our product.

And we will always try to improve our product to meet the needs of all our customers. From day to day we add new configurations to our Kreative Cartridge and many other new features will come very soon.

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